So many people purchase wearable tech devices with the thoughts of changing their life in mind. They use it for two days, maybe even two weeks, before they stuff it in the bottom of a drawer and forget about it completely. Is that what you want to do? No, of course not.

Once you purchase the device, you want to make use of it every single day for as long as possible. This is, after all, a device that is supposed to help you get your life back in shape, right? So what good will it do in the bottom of your drawer? You need to learn how to make wearable tech part of everyday life.

Make it a Habit

This type of habit right here is a good habit – you need to make grabbing your wearable tech device a habit. Think about it, back in the day, when you first got your phone, weren’t there times where you would leave it behind by accident?

Now, you probably could never imagine yourself without that phone by your side.

If you make using that wearable device a habit, there will come a time when you could never imagine yourself without the device.

Set Goals and Keep Them

Set goals to make the wearable device a part of your everyday life and stick to those goals. If you have decided that a wearable device could make your life so much easier, it can become a part of everyday life as smartphones have.

Tips To Make Fitness Tech Part Of Your Life

A fitness tracker with sleep-monitoring, pedometer, and heart rate functions can become your motivation for a major lifestyle change.

By turning the sleep function on and off every time you sleep and wake up, you’ll be able to follow a much healthier sleeping pattern through the sleep data you’ll be recording.

The pedometer function will let you see if you are reaching over 10,000 steps/day, which is the recommended daily activity anyone should follow.

For medical-grade wearables designed to monitor health problems, integrating these devices into the daily routine is crucial. If you have cardiovascular disease that needs regular monitoring, you should remember to wear the device on your chest (Polar H7), as a patch (Monica Novii system or Zio XT Patch), on the torso (FitLinxx AmpStrip), on the thighs (LEO), on the head (Imec EEG Headset), or other parts of the body every time you wake up or before performing any physical activity.

Sports fans will be able to get insider knowledge of the games they are watching live. With sports leagues getting in on wearables, strapping/embedding athletes with devices while playing, and collaborating with tech companies to create a new experience, people at home can view comprehensive player stats throughout the game.

Smartwatches and bracelet-type trackers allow users to check e-mails, receive/make calls, view social media notifications and streamline other communications in just one device.

However, like smartphones, it is how consumers utilize wearable features that could determine if a device will be an efficient addition to day to day life, or another “distraction”.