Creature Comforts

The comforts that fall into this category include things like hot cups of tea, things like their favorite TV shows and things like hot baths.

Unless you happen to be one of those filthy-rich internet marketers, you are going to find you have to stay in hostels a lot of the time, which means sharing accommodation with a bunch of other smelly travelers and constantly worrying about your laptop.

It also means having to wear the same clothes for weeks unless you wash them in the sea.You can also go to a launderette but seeing as you don’t know the area, you’ll have to sit with your things.

While working probably. Even simple tasks become a challenge when you’re abroad! Then there are the things that you’ll miss about your own country. Foods, the customs and even the fact that the signs are in a language you understand. Which brings us to the next point.

The Language Barrier

Sure, the language barrier is part of the fun and part of the charm when you’re working abroad. That is until you’re starving up a mountain in Poland and you just want something to eat, but accidentally order a bowl of hot water with an egg floating in it because you can’t read the recipe.

Again, this is a genuine example – this time from the Tatra mountains in Zakopane. Amazing views, occasionally odd cuisine.

The Danger

There’s no way to get around this: being a digital nomad can be dangerous. If you get ill, then you’re going to be relying on the local hospital and medical services.

You don’t know your way around and so you might find yourself vulnerable in a rough part of town. And your belongings will be at risk when you leave them in hostels. This is all even more dangerous if you also decide to trek up mountains and surf!

The Difficulty of Work

Becoming a digital nomad you will probably expect to gain complete freedom and to be able to live a life full of adventure image sourceamericanhomeremodelingservices. Often though it won’t feel like that at all.

Relaxed though you may be about your work, this doesn’t change the fact that you will need an income and sometimes that will result in your having to work when it’s not convenient.

And that means that sometimes you’re going to be in a beautiful city with a booming social scene… only to find yourself sitting in the dark working.

Or you’ll have to wake up at 3am because your client is in a different time zone. And when you can’t find a plug socket or an internet connection things can get more stressful still.


Yes, the lack of a plug socket is a big stress, but so too is the lack of a WiFi connection. Or sand in your keyboard. Or a huge mobile bill. At this point you’re going to be highly reliant on your technology and if it goes wrong you’ll be stranded in a foreign country with no recourse.

Things and People You Miss

You’ll also find yourself missing a lot of things. We’ve covered creature comforts (and basic personal security…), but you’ll also find yourself missing people a lot of course: especially family. If you’re in a relationship, then this can positively break that relationship.

You’ll even miss your things – there will be times when you think about your favorite film or book, or when you wish you could load up your powerful PC to play some decent games.

What about your warm shower? Or your beautiful garden. Imagine sitting on a beach in Africa and missing your wife… again, not a random example.


While it’s true that your sense of fulfilment should not come from your career, it sure can sting to get offered an amazing job or piece of work and have to turn it down because you’re working abroad!

When you consider the issues with your career and with your family, it can be a big hit to your personal life to decide to become a digital nomad.

Compromise Solutions

For many people, all of these issues will be manageable and they will pale in comparison to the amazing benefits and wonders of being able to travel the world while working.

But for others well, they won’t. And if you feel that way, then you might decide that being a digital nomad is not for you.

But that’s okay! Using the tips in this book, you can still quit your day job and you can still enjoy some lifestyle design. How about working out of coffee shops and tourist attractions in your own country? Maybe renting a log cabin? Or how about just travelling more often? Going on 5 trips a year, instead of one ‘holiday’?