A British woman named Sarah Turner (27) who used to be overweight has discovered something most nutritionist and/or Doctor has been telling the masses for eons. Too much Coke can contribute to obesity and is a very unhealthy adage to your daily diet. It’s no secret that Coke and other carbonated beverages carry a ton of sugar; way more than is recommended for consumption on a regular basis.

Before her drastic weight loss, she was scarfing down a whopping 424 grams of sugar daily; according to Caters News. She openly admits her former addiction to Coke and also states she could practically inhale it constantly and not even realize the horrible toll it was taking on her overall health. She has a valid point, Coke is delicious.

I myself have been able to consume lot of it without even thinking. Let’s be real, the beverage goes well with a lot of foods we enjoy. The flipside of it that is, through the enjoyment your body is going through major unhealthy changes if not consumed in moderation.

After giving up the Coke Sarah has lost 112 pounds and eight whole dress sizes after entering “Coke Rehab”. Previously; she weighed 245 pounds now she is all the way down to an amazing 126 pounds! Before her miraculous weight loss Sarah also says while on her Coke binge her energy levels were not where they should have been for a woman her age.

Now that the Coke is out of her system she can now join in physical activities with her children and be more of an active parent again which makes her extremely happy. Being able to fit in normal size clothes again is another plus for the 27 year old mother. Her lifestyle change also included potatoes, baked beans, and protein- filled food choices.

Of course Coke is not exactly pleased with this assertion of giving up Coke completely or reducing intake will aid in weight loss. They tell Cater News that “their drinks can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced dietary lifestyle.”

The reps from Coke also point out their healthier options they carry. Yeah they kind of have to say that simply because they are a multi-billion company that is responsible to shareholders and have to maintain their bottom line.

The proof is in the pudding though; this woman has lost a sizable amount of weight and all she did was give up the Coke. There is a lesson here, Health is important and no matter what you consume, and it has to be in moderation. For some, there are food options that simply aren’t the healthiest for them. It’s great Sarah found her way out of being unhealthy and I bet her body is even more grateful.

Who would have thought that giving up Coke would have such dramatic effect? I know it’s gonna make me think twice the next time I am offered a carbonated beverage.