The world of dating can be a scary place, trying to find that perfect mate to spend the rest of your life with or a long term relationship can really make someone tear their hair out. The vetting process alone can have you wanting to throw in the towel.

The first date can be brutal if you aren’t careful. Do not fret fellow daters, there is hope! These tips will get you a little closer to your goal of attaining that dream union with someone special.

1.) Talk about yourself and ask questions but don’t cram it all into the first date

You can be too honest, even when asking and also answering questions on a date. Certain things you can tell someone date one and other things you share maybe after you all have solidified a relationship.

Telling your WHOLE life story the first date or even the third date; can be a quick way to turn someone off. Remember you all are getting to know each other so the understanding factor may be a little low. Keep it light, maintain polite conversation.

2.) Avoid awkward pauses

Keep the conversation moving as best as you can. If they aren’t asking questions, they may be nervous or not a great conversationalist. Sometimes you have to gently encourage them by saying things like “Is there anything you want to ask me?” or talk about the weather or ask them about their last trip someplace nice. Whatever you do, try your hardest not to allow awkward silence to be on the date with you.

3.) DO NOT talk about your last relationship

This is a dicey one because if you reveal too much it can get you into trouble, if you don’t reveal enough you may be perceived as deceitful or elusive. Even if your last relationship ended well do not speak on it.

Sometimes people will use what you been through previously as a barometer on how to treat you. Shift the focus away to something more pleasant. No one wants to hear someone drone on and on about their ex. It can create insecurity.

4.) Maintain eye contact as much as possible

The eyes are absolutely the window to the soul that is one saying that isn’t a myth. You have to pay attention when someone is talking what their eyes say. Their body language is an indicator of what kind of person sits in front of you.

You won’t see what you need to starring off into the plants or the next table.

5.) Know when to pull the plug

If you are having a bad time, discontinue the date as fast as possible. Do not suffer through a date with someone you have already assessed in your head you don’t want to be on a date with.

Initially flirting or meeting someone doesn’t mean you will have a successful date. It’s best to just pull the rip cord if things are going left. Don’t waste your time or theirs.