My job requires that I spend a lot of time on the road so it’s important for me to have a lightweight computer bag that allows provides durability.

I spend more time in airplanes and airports then I do in the office, so easy access to my laptop and compartments were important. With all the traveling I do, it’s important for me to carry around a lot of files.

So many years of traveling with a shoulder bag has caused a serious strain on my back. For this reason alone, wheels were extremely important to me.

Taking my computer out and replacing it back in the case is also a factor I consider when purchasing a computer bag. Pockets on the outside that can hold keys, passport and wallet are a must. You need flexibility when clearing security so make it easy.

I was able to research laptop bags and what I found was amazing. Everything from hard cases, soft collapsible cases, waterproof cases, you name it, it was out there.

With the kind of money you spend on your mobile computers, it’s best to spend a little extra to keep them protected.

Having so many choices it came down to practicality and protection combined. Side opening, top opening, laptop bags with a protective sleeve are just some of the options available. The easiest part was that I knew what I didn’t want which helped.

I had one final requirement for my computer bag. It had to have space for a quick change of clothes. It only takes one time arriving to your final destination and finding your suitcase didn’t to make this important to you as well so heed my warning!

For any of you who have traveled even a little, today’s security is tight. I can attest that I have had my checked bag searched more in recent time then ever before.

My checked luggage is the last place I want my valuables stored. Taking a little extra time to get prepared before you travel puts you way ahead of the headache game.

When you travel you want to make sure you are not caught without the necessities. A hard-sided laptop case adds extra protection to my laptop, but also provides a little extra space for everything I need. I arrive fully prepared to start my business trip off on the right foot.

Security checks are part of travel in today’s world and it doesn’t look like there is any end in sight. I am just grateful we are still allowed one bag in the cabin.

Who knows, strip searches might be the next step, but please don’t take my carryon!